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Probiotics for Dogs By Manuel Bralic

PROBIOTICS Probiotics for dogs (v.2) by Manuel Bralic, based on my limited ability to search the net for information, 28-Aug-2012   For a short version, please scroll down to the last page, for some additional info please continue reading. After

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List of Raw Food, Treats & Supplement Suppliers,

This is a list of trusted raw food suppliers that (to my knowledge) do NOT use HPP or other Denaturing(sterilization) procedures or products. These companies are ones I or friends of mine have used & recommend. Listing here is not

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Heartbreaking Reactions to Pest Preventatives

This is heartbreaking. Here is another video from a news channel.   Per the news anchor, “The EPA is not telling people to stop using the products, but cautions owners to follow label instructions and to carefully monitor their

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Raw feeding Basics

Raw Feeding Basics  by: Susan Lewelling Basically you want just a few things when feeding Raw: 1. VARIETY- Feed as many meats as you can get (but not the neighbor’s cat…lol), even if you don’t get something regularly, get it

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Does Your Pet THRIVE?

Are you ready for your pets to truly THRIVE? What does it mean for a pet to THRIVE? The dictionary says Thrive means to grow vigorously, to flourish, or prosper. For you pet this means to be truly healthy to his

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Homeopathy ( compiled articles )

These are some articles I have compiled that are good resources for information on Homeopathy. These are not my own, the link to where I found each one is posted at the end of each article.    Homeopathic Medicine Potency

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My File of compiled articles on Diatomaceous Earth

There are 6 articles included in this FILE they are separated by a line of **** . Lots of information & additional links included in this so read it all !  Diatomaceous Earth   Food Grade ● Fresh Water Fossil

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The Synergy of Natural Rearing

One of the concepts that I try to teach my puppy families and consulting clients is that caring for your pet naturopathically does help them to truly thrive. Feeding a species appropriate raw diet, and avoiding exposure to pharmaceutical and

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Susan’s Pest Repellant Spray

For pets & People this spray is made with whole ingredients you may have in your home. Ingredients 1 quart pure water (well water or bottled, not tap/city water) 2 lemons 1 orange few sprigs fresh or dried rosemary &/or

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