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About Nature’s Way Pets

 I don’t believe pets should merely survive, instead, my focus is on helping individuals build true thriving health Naturally for their carnivore pets, through education and mentoring pet owners how to take back control of their Nutrition choices and honoring the Laws of Health.

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My specialty is dogs, but my education has covered Carnivore Pets of all sizes such as dogs, cats and ferrets. 

100% client turnover is my goal, I want my clients to learn how to take control of their pet’s health & make  healthy decisions themselves, so they can see the full thriving potential of their carnivore pet! 
Nature’s Way Pets was officially launched in 2013, but I began mentoring people in raw feeding in 2009 on Facebook. Searching for a way to blend my growing passion for naturopathic pet care and my desire to learn more and more, Consulting was just a no brainer idea for me. I lean something new with each client and I love to help people learn and experience that Ah-ha moment  when their pet starts to become a truly thriving animal and they put it all together. I hope I can help you with your pets!

Experience & Education

Natural Rearing Breeder – Carolina Dogs


Raw Feeding Mentor

2009 – present

American Council of Animal Naturopathy

Focus: Small Animal Naturopathy, Carnivore Nutrition & Natural Rearing Breeder

October, 2012 to presently ongoing

Certified Carnivore Nutrition Consultant– August 18, 2017


Certificate Philosophy of Animal naturopathy



I live on a mini-farm, along with my husband of 20 years, Danny, our pack of Carolina Dogs as well as various goats, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. Every animal on my farm is as naturally reared as possible. We have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren. Growing up, I  had pets my whole life. I was that little girl who rescued and took in every critter I could find, be it beautiful & shiny or dirty & sickly. I always wanted to do something positive and proactive with animals.


When I was 18,  my parents bought me a Rottweiler for Christmas. Baby was a wonderful dog & my constant companion.  She was from excellent show bloodlines, but she was always problematic health-wise. She had chronic yeasty ears & feet, bad smell, she shed awfully, had numerous skin problems, and in later years she had digestive issues & eventually seizures. She died of a seizure or a stroke at age 13.5 . To my frustration, nothing the vet ever did or suggested helped her throughout her life. He never once suggested a species appropriate raw diet or abstaining from vaccines or pesticide toxins. I realize now of course that all her problems went back to diet, chemicals & vaccines.

Several years later I  learned about Carolina Dogs. I was in love!!!! I was going to be the best dog owner ever and I did everything the vet said to do. In the midst of his puppy series of vaccines, Cooter had an adverse vaccine reaction, which the vet treated as a bee-sting & then as Demodex Mange for several months. When those treatments did not help him, the vet then said (same as he had with Baby) that he had “allergies” and would need to be on lifelong steroid treatments & allergy meds… I asked him about diet changes & vaccine reactions, and he treated me like an ignorant child.

 So I went home(without the vet’s prescribed meds) and began researching, which led me to raw feeding, which led me to not using chemicals & learning about vaccinosis. I found an awesome Holistic vet who assisted me in detoxing Cooter & with proper appropriate diet and regular detox he was soon healing and balanced. We were very lucky that his reaction was not as bad as some I have since heard about!  When Cooter was 2 we got Daisy. Daisy was immediately switched to a raw diet, no more vaccines (except rabies) and no chemicals ever on her. My goal with breeding is to have future generations of Carolina Dogs that are Completely Naturally Reared. Cooter is retired from his “job” as a Pet Assisted Therapy Dog and sadly Daisy did not have the opportunity to participate in the program because the organization decided not to allow raw fed dogs in the program. I will not compromise the health of my dogs to suit someone else’s “policy”.


I am a responsible Natural Rearing Breeder of Carolina Dogs. My puppies are weaned to a raw diet, never vaccinated and are not exposed to toxic pesticides and other chemicals. I do my best to ensure that my puppies go to homes that will continue on the natural path and I mentor each family for the lifetime of their NWCD puppy.

 I have been researching and studying  raw feeding, and Natural rearing since 2008  and mentoring others since 2010. In 2012 I began formally studying Small Animal Naturopathy and Carnivore Nutrition with American Council of Animal Naturopathy (http://www.animalnaturopathy.org/). In August of 2017 I gained my certification as a Carnivore Nutrition Consultant and look forward to expanding my education in the future.



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