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The goal of a Consultation with Susan/NWP is to educate you, the carnivore pet owner, about the Species Appropriate Raw Diet, following the Eight Laws of Health and related topics so you can help your carnivore to live the healthiest life possible. As a Carnivore Nutrition Consultant working for you, I will go over your pet’s complete history and create a plan that will guide you to learn about whole health for your carnivore, as well as empower you to take control of your pet’s health. Each consultation is tailored to your specific needs. After I review your pet’s completed Health History Form, I provide a written consultation- aka a game plan for getting your dog started on a species appropriate raw diet, and additional information and articles that I think will be valuable to you, as well as suggest books and additional links for you to learn even more. I do include information on other whole health topics such as detoxification, parasites, vaccines, exposure to chemicals and exercise.

So What Is The Process?
Use the Contact Form below to send a request for your chosen consultation. I will email you the appropriate forms and an invoice for payment of the appropriate Consultation. You complete and return all forms to me, along with the payment via PayPal, or debit/credit card. It is important that the Health History form is completely filled out and the Disclosure Statement is physically signed, scanned and emailed back to me. After payment and forms are received, the consultation will be scheduled. I will prepare your consultation and email it to you on the scheduled date. I want you to have time to read it all and take it all in, so we will then schedule your follow-ups starting a few days later( via email, text, PM or telephone conversation, whatever works best).
The Extended Support/Follow-Up Option is only available for clients who have already completed a Consultation with Nature’s Way Pets/Susan Lewelling.


Basic Raw Feeding Information Only
This option covers the basic information for feeding a Raw Diet or switching a kibble fed cat/dog to a Raw Diet. With this option I present a raw feeding plan for your dog and instructions on how to implement it. No other information is provided. This option includes 1 follow up to be sure you understand the information provided.

New Pet Wellness, focusing on Raw Food Diet-Nutrition Coaching
Puppy/Kitten or New Dog/Cat Whole Health Consultation. The personalized focus of this option is on switching your pet to a Prey Model Raw Diet, or continuing feeding a raw diet to a new puppy, and also covers a whole health Natural lifestyle.  This option is much more in-depth with extra information about raw feeding and also touches on information and choices regarding Parasites, Immunization, Exercise and Support Resources.  3 Follow-ups are included with this option, usually a few days after the Consultation is delivered, 6 weeks after and 3 months after.

Pet With (Health/Behavior) Challenges Wellness, focusing on Raw Food Diet-Nutrition Coaching
Whole Health Consultation. This option includes all points on the wellness option but takes into consideration any illness or behavioral issues your pet may have and dealing with these chronic health issues throughout the process. This option includes Diet, a Review of supplement choices, Parasites, Immunization Choices, Exercise, support resources and links to helpful products.  5 follow-ups are included with this option, usually a few days after the Consultation is delivered, and then weekly or bi-weekly, with one further out.

Extended Support/Coaching
$25 per session
Extra Support is always available for any Consultation choice. This option is for 1 in-depth Follow-up/coaching session beyond or after the follow ups included in your consultation package. Fees must be paid before follow-up is scheduled. Follow up can be done via email, text/PM or telephone conversation and MUST be scheduled.
*each session to consist of either an email/PM exchange or 30 minute phone conversation.

Natural Rearing Breeder Education
Whole health consultation provides basic Natural Rearing information and mentoring for breeders who want to raise their litters naturally. This consultation focuses on the raw diet for the bitch and puppies, but also touches on sire and dam health and care, weaning puppies, parasites, immunization choices, exercise, vetting prospective buyers, and buyer education. Support resources, additional reading list, suggestions for printouts to send home with your puppy buyers and links to helpful products are included. 8 Follow-up/Coaching sessions are included with this Consultation. Usually one for days after the Consultation is delivered, 2 during pregnancy, 1 when puppies are whelped, at 3 weeks, at 5 weeks, and 8 weeks, with one random session when needed. *Formal(ie. professional) Breeder Consultations are a new area for me(I have been informally coaching breeders for years) so follow-ups, information provided, etc may change as I see the need.

If you are not sure which level of consultation would be best for you, check Need Help Determining Option on the form below .


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