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Heartworm, Preventatives, Dis-ease.. A Viscous Cycle

Heartworm preventative are really being pushed around my area, supposedly the rate of infection is very high, but upon looking at the Incidence Maps, we are in the high-middle range. So are these “medications” really needed year round, or even

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Does Your Pet THRIVE?

Are you ready for your pets to truly THRIVE? What does it mean for a pet to THRIVE? The dictionary says Thrive means to grow vigorously, to flourish, or prosper. For you pet this means to be truly healthy to his

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Homeopathy ( compiled articles )

These are some articles I have compiled that are good resources for information on Homeopathy. These are not my own, the link to where I found each one is posted at the end of each article.    Homeopathic Medicine Potency

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Vaccines cause immediate and long-term damage in our dogs

Originally posted on Canine Health Concern:
Running Canine Health Concern for the past twenty years, I have been contacted by hundreds of dog owners who tell me that their dogs became ill within a few hours, days or weeks of…

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The importance of muck for immunity

Originally posted on Canine Health Concern:
Are we too clean for our dogs? Catherine O’Driscoll In this article, I’m endorsing all the nutty dog ladies whose houses rarely see a mop or vacuum cleaner, and who regard mud as a…

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For the convenience of my customers, I can now take major credit/debit cards in addition to Paypal payments . I am excited to continue expanding my inventory and services to better serve my customers!

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