Heartworm, Preventatives, Dis-ease.. A Viscous Cycle

Heartworm preventative are really being pushed around my area, supposedly the rate of infection is very high, but upon looking at the Incidence Maps, we are in the high-middle range. So are these “medications” really needed year round, or even at all? What are Heartworm preventatives and do they actually prevent anything?
Actually the preventatives are insecticides, poison in a pill form that you give to your dog once a month. What happens is a mosquito bites your dog, if  the conditions are right it transmits the heartworm larva through the bite, the larva begins to live in your dog’s bloodstream, grows and changes forms and becomes an adult heartworm  and moves to the heart. Then eventually the insecticide kills the worm…sometimes. Recently I have heard from several sources that heartworms are becoming immune to the current preventatives & dogs are getting infected anyways. Maybe its that the dog’s immune systems are even weaker now than they were a few years ago…
The very best way to keep your dog from getting HW is to make sure it is in optimal health. Most of the dogs that HW have poor nutrition, &/or compromised immune systems. In other words,  are fed corn-kibble & are over-vaccinated…
Starting to make sense? It is all a big circle.
A person feeds kibble, vaccinates when the vet says, uses the flea/worm meds & chemicals. Dog appears to be pretty healthy but is dying from the inside out. After a few years eventually something happens, like diabetes, kidney disease or a cancer/tumor…person says “but my dog was so healthy”, vet says, “well these things happen, especially with this size/breed/sex of  dog”…
The kibble compromises first the digestive system, then that stress compounds to the next system, so on & so on… on top of that vaccines weaken rather than strengthen the immune system, which compounds even more stress on the dogs systems. No wonder they are susceptible to heartworm infestation!
Natural Rearing is not a guarantee that your dog will always be completely healthy, live to 25 years old & die in its sleep.
After Cooter’s relatively small vaccine reaction, I opened my eyes & began to look critically & questioningly at all the problems dogs were having all around me, my dogs, my families’ dogs, my friend’s dogs & everyone else’s dogs. Diabetic dogs, IMHA dogs, dogs with “allergies”, dogs with tumors… all this was considered “NORMAL & ACCEPTABLE”… REALLY???
I mean think about it… would dogs have survived for the thousands(or millions) of years with no help from humans & modern medicines if all that was NORMAL & ACCEPTED? They would be EXTINCT!!!! US humans meddling is the real problem…..When did all these illnesses become Normal & Accepted in dogs? IN THE PAST 50 YEARS…since dog food & multiple, yearly vaccinations… What does your COMMON SENSE tell you about that…. I know what mine tells me…
I know that it is “scary”.. stepping our “on your own” when the “experts” are telling you that you are going to damage your dog…but how really expert is the average Vet?
Look up Dr Ronald Schultz DVM on YouTube.. A quick way is to look on “Mercola Healthy Pets” channel. He has studied vaccines for decades, at Cornell & Univ of Wisconsin… I have other links to other DVMs who support my position…
I AM NOT talking about being an IRRESPONSIBLE pet owner. One who dumps some food out to the dog who is tied up or kenneled
and “conveniently forgetting” to take the dog to the vet for checkups… Natural Rearing takes as much or more thought & planning that “normal rearing” (lol- what is normal) ever was for me…
My dogs live in the house with us, are included in the family outings, activities, vacations, etc as much as possible, I drive extra just to see an excellent Holistic DVM, plan their meals, study Natural ways to prevent fleas/ticks/worms/heartworm.
My dogs are not on any HW preventatives. They get garlic every day, and Diatomaceous Earth. I use a herbal repellent spray. I have my dogs tested every 3-6 months for HW. My vet has a protocol for treating it if they ever test positive, but I think I would probably try a Natural remedy (HeartWorm Free)that is much more gentle & safe than Chemical/Drug methods. I think this website also has a natural preventative, that is the same thing. Here is a link to the website. …http://wolfcreekranch1.tripod.com/heartworm.html
I want everyone(especially all my puppy families) to understand the whole vicious cycle, so they will not be scared of the rhetoric from vets & drug companies & dog food corporations …
The whole awful cycle of UN-Health in our pets is so ingrained in our society today that it is accepted as NORMAL now-a-days.  Do you really want your dog to just survive as today’s accepted Normal? No, I want My dogs to positively Thrive! If you want to know more about how to help your dog or cat thrive to its fullest potential, send me an email or check out my CONSULTATIONS page!

I breed Naturally Reared UKC Carolina Dogs, I consult/coach natural rearing to carnivore pet owners, with a focus on Naturopathy and the Raw Diet. I live on a mini farm with my husband, dogs and goats and various fowl and in my spare time, I make all natural lotions and enjoy Barn Hunt trials with my dogs.

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