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Here at Nature’s Way Carnivore Pets, I don’t believe pets should merely survive, instead, my focus is on helping individuals build true thriving health Naturally for their carnivore pets, through education, mentoring and empowering pet owners to take back control of their Nutrition choices and honoring the Laws of Health. 

My speciality is dogs, but my education has covered Carnivore Pets of all sizes such as dogs, cats and ferrets. 

100% client turnover is my goal, I want my clients to learn how to take control of their pet’s health & make  healthy decisions themselves, so they can see the full thriving potential of their carnivore pet! 

Why consultation or coaching? 

 *Are you getting a new puppy or kitten, or a new dog/cat and you do not know what to feed your new pal, let alone how much exercise or water to give it? Where should it sleep? What about fleas & ticks… or an injury? A New Pet Wellness Consultation may be just what you need to get you & your new friend started off on the right foot, er, paw. I have raised litters of completely Naturally Reared puppies and I mentor all the families they live with, so I have lots of experience in this area!  

* Does your dog(or cat) have a chronic problem, such as diarrhea, skin problems, diabetes, or ear infections?  A consultation can help you learn how make better health care choices for your special friend.

Does your dog/cat smell awful no matter how much you bathe them? Does your dog or cat leave huge piles of poo that smell horrible and take forever to disintegrate?

* Do you have concerns about the safety and healthfulness of the commercial foods(kibble &/or canned) you are feeding your pet?

*Have you heard a species appropriate diet may help your special pal live a longer and healthier life, but are unsure about how to go about getting started?

A Carnivore Nutrition consultation or coaching may help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need. Consultations and coaching are tailored to your individual needs and concerns and are focused on helping you un-learn the bad information kibble companies have inundated you with, and to overcome the scare tactics some vets and other big business have ingrained in our culture today. My focus is on assisting you to become knowledgeable about the raw diet and confident in making better food choices for your pet.



I’m all ears, the better to hear you with.

Why Natural Care ?

The number one and number two reasons I hear of for owners giving yearly vaccinations, using dangerous chemical “preventatives”  and feeding expensive, non biologically appropriate kibble is…. “It is what my Vet says to do and he has it all available in his office” and ” It is what I (or the vet) have always done” … even when the person is questioning the safety and quality of these things for their pets, they get no explanation or alternatives.   I would love to assist you in your journey of learning the Natural Laws of Health so that you too can have a thriving healthy pet! Natural care is not a cure-all, a quick fix or a band-aid, but by starting with the basics and building a natural foundation for health your pet can be well… body, mind and soul.

Whichever type of practitioner you choose, it is critically important to the life & welfare of your pet that you have an animal health care provider that you trust; that will listen to you and not just lecture; one that is open and respectful of your beliefs, opinions & needs. If you don’t feel comfortable telling them what YOU really want for your pet, you may become just another number, just another 15 minute appointment for them to rush in and hurriedly administer the “routine” vaccinations and rush on to the next patient after a 1-2 minute chat about how sweet your pet is,  or you may end up being bullied into allowing toxins to be put in and on your pet that you don’t necessarily want in/on them, but feel you have to, to stay in the vet’s good graces… . You are paying them, therefore you are in charge! They can not force you into administering any vaccinations, or chemicals or drugs in/on your pet, you can always say “I think I will get a second opinion first” and leave that office.

 Conventional Veterinarians are great at some things, such as providing emergency care, doing bloodwork or testing, providing a diagnosis and prescribing medication.  Despite their years of expensive education, vets do not spend a lot of time learning about the appropriate diet for carnivore pets and what they are taught is information provided by the pet food industry. Their focus is on sick care and not wellness education. Therefore, you may be better served by a Natural Health Consultant if you are wanting to learn about what diet is appropriate for your carnivore pet. As part of the overall Natural Rearing protocol, a well-educated, caring health care provider is necessary at times for your pets, for those instances mentioned above. However, creating a wellness plan is the forte of a Carnivore Nutrition Consultant, who will be invaluable in helping you design a diet plan that keeps your dog healthy from the beginning or to help your already ill dog be the best that he can be. A good coach, that uses a Natural approach to health can help you determine your dog’s risk factors for certain diseases and can help you learn what vaccinations, if any, are truly needed, can help you to make the best decision about what to use for fleas, ticks & mosquitoes and can help guide you to the alternatives that really work. A naturopathic health consultant can advise you on alternative therapies for conditions your pet may already have, enabling you to possibly get your pet off the chemical medication roller coaster. There are many options available now, and many alternatives to traditional western medicine.

Some people have an established vet that they are comfortable with and can discuss these things intelligently and are allowed to make their own choices in these matters, but some feel bullied, pressured or deceived by their vets. You may feel that while your vet is great at x-raying bones and testing blood, that she is not as informed as you would like in regards to species appropriate diets for carnivores. The good news is there are other options!
You may not be familiar with what a Naturopath or a Carnivore Consultant is and does. Naturopaths and Natural Animal Health Coaches/Consultants usually have some background in human and/or animal health care and a growing number are certified in Animal Naturopathy. Naturopaths employ the principles of nature to help our animal have a complete picture of health and thus ward off disease. They focus on the whole animal and use many different natural modalities to work with the patient’s body to achieve health and vitality. As a Carnivore Nutrition Consultant I will go over your pet’s complete history and create a plan to guide you to learning about whole health for your carnivore. I provide a written consultation- aka a game plan for getting your dog on a species appropriate raw diet, and articles, that I think will be valuable to you, as well as suggest books and additional links for you to learn even more.  We can follow up a few days later, either via email or a phone call  to discuss any questions you may have. at that time we will schedule a later follow up email or phone call to see how things are going.

I hope you decide to take this important step towards wellness for your carnivore companion and that you choose me to guide you on your journey! If you would like to schedule a consultation please head over to the CONSULTATION OPTIONS page.

For more information on Naturopathy see http://www.animalnaturopathy.org/what-is-animal-naturopathy/and http://www.



DISCLAIMER: All information provided on this site & any advice given by Susan Lewelling/Nature’s Way Pets is intended as educational/informational only and should not be considered as medical care advice and is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian. Please use your good judgement when making health care choices for your pets. Ultimately YOU are responsible for making all choices regarding your pet. All articles, pictures, and other content on this site is the property of Susan Lewelling, Nature’s Way Pets and Nature’s Way Carolina Dogs or its original creator and reproduction is prohibited without express written permission. You are welcome to share a direct link to a page or article found on this site.

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