Heartbreaking Reactions to Pest Preventatives

This is heartbreaking.

Here is another video from a news channel.


Per the news anchor, “The EPA is not telling people to stop using the products, but cautions owners to follow label instructions and to carefully monitor their animals for any side affects.”  I am BEGGING you to stop using these type of products on your pet! Even if you monitor your pets every second, you can not undo the damage that the toxins will do once applied.
The vet on the video says ” The key is, ask you veterinarian…”.  Which will likely tell you that the products they sell are completely safe and that you pet may have a mild temporary reaction… at least that is what I was told…

If this “safe” preventative is doing this externally, what do you think it is doing internally after YEARS of use??? In a few years you will “wonder” why your dogs get cancer or auto-immune disorders. These types of products are neurotoxins, they affect your dogs reproductive system, cause lesions in the brain, kidney damage, digestive problems and much more. 

There are other alternatives!!!

First of all, diet is the first line of health. If you are not feeding a species appropriate diet, your dog cannot fully thrive and it may always be attractive to fleas, ticks and other parasites.  Once your dog is getting the correct nutrition, he will not be as attractive to pests, and you will not need to coat your pets in pesticides. If you are going out to a high risk area such as high-weed fields, forests, or dog parks then you can apply some pest repelling essential oils to a bandanna or diluted as a spray. Dusting high use areas in your yard & home with Food grade Diatomaceous Earth will help as well.



I breed Naturally Reared UKC Carolina Dogs, I consult/coach natural rearing to carnivore pet owners, with a focus on Naturopathy and the Raw Diet. I live on a mini farm with my husband, dogs and goats and various fowl and in my spare time, I make all natural lotions and enjoy Barn Hunt trials with my dogs.

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